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Lady GaGa Is A Man : The Proof            Funny Facebook Pictures

So... Is Lady GaGa A man? Well one thing's for sure, whether she is or she isn't, she sure needs to explain that bulge she keeps between her legs. Some of the photo's you're going to see are shocking, and they are not photoshopped or doctored in any way. If you can explain that bulge as anything other then her have "man parts" then you should surely be her publicist. Me Personally.. I think Lady GaGa Is A MAN!!! And whether she is or she isn't it's clear that Hollywood and the paparazzi can't get enough of this celebrity, many people contact me telling me how great of a joke site this, or how they love my funny site. This is not a joke site or a funny site, this is a coming of age tale about Lady GaGa this biggest "queen" in pop music. Maybe we could get  Robert Pattinson or Channing Tatum to take the lead "male role" to play Lady GaGa in an epic biography? Now don't get me wrong, we think the fact that Lady GaGa Is A Man, or might be a man doesn't change the fact that he/she is a great artist. Hell - we just want to give any man who can sing like that his due praise! At it's core this site is a simple yet
humorous, funny picture site. We like to provide you with hilarious celebrity gossip pictures and the newest paparazzi photos. Our emphasis is Lady Gaga but we like to provide funny photos of all celebrities like Katy Perry, Kesha, Nikki Minaj just for starters. To navigate this site simply click one of the navigation links or the pictures of Lady GaGa above. We plan to update this funny picture site as much as possible and with celebrities non-stop antics we shouldn't have a problem keeping this site updated for years to come. Celebrities like Lady Gaga are always doing something stupid and/or funny and we aim to provide the proof to you. So what are you waiting for click the funny Lady Gaga picture above and get started laughing!
























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